Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tips number 2

Our last post discussed placement for a golf equipment website. In adding content to your website it's important to add content to each page that is relevant to the page in question. The next thing we are going to discuss is internal linking. Examples of internal linking, hyper-linking can be found at Regency Interactive's website. If you'll notice on the home page we have several "highlighted" words/phrases. Each of these highlighted words and phrases provide an internal link to a webpage within Regency's website, a webpage that has information relating to the word highlighted.
This is a simple technique designed to drive search engine robots to pages that are related to the word being highlighted. With Regency Interactive, you will notice many hyperlinks from the index page (home page) pointing to more pages within the site, pages which provide more detailed information or definitions of the phrases being highlighted.
Another form of hyperlinking can be external links, for example, hyperlinking a word within your text to a blog. Using this blog post we will provide an example. This line will provide a link to's blog

Just a quick overview of internal hyperlinking.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Tips 101

Welcome to the first posting of the Regency SEO tips page - In our first post we are going to address simple Search Engine Optimization definitions.

Let's first address the most critical area within optimization - that would be content. Text that can be read by you, me and most importantly a search engine robot. Now it's true that a websites structure must be search engine friendly, however we will leave that to another post.

So back to's important to understand that you must realize that search engine robots are nothing more then computer programs, told to comb the internet and read content. Again, that word, content....that would be descriptive text found on a webpage. In most instances you should post a minimum of 200 words on the page, you need to make this content match what the page is focused on. For an example, suppose you're selling golf equipment. Let's say we are selling brands - suppose callaway, ping and taylormade. Not only the clubs but balls, gloves and shoes.

We would hope that you would have a separate page for each brand - for each product -
On your index page you should provide a simple overview of what your website has to offer, two hundred word minimum - try to mention your keyword phrases ( products you are selling ) four or five times minimum. As we get into your website we would recommend paragraphs of text, per page, describing the products on the page in question. So, if we are on the Callaway page lets put together a paragraph of text describing the products on this page. If the page is outlining the golf clubs of callaway you sell, well we are going to have a paragraph of text describing callaway golf clubs - here's a simple example of what you can start with.

Callaway Golf Equipment and Callaway Golf Clubs deliver excellence above and beyond what you would expect in golf equipment. For superb and solid delivery Callaway drivers like the Big Bertha are synonymous with success on the course. Also in the high caliber end of Callaway drivers is the FT-5 tour driver.

Note that we have already mentioned callaway four times, golf three times, driver is also mentioned several times. So in this one example we have fifty one words with a good start on keyword density. We would add another one hundred fifty words and mention callaway another two or so times - clubs would need to mentioned several times along with drivers.

Im sure you can guess from this point what we would need to do with taylormade, ping.

OK - Enough for tonight.